Marketing Team
We have a team of experienced marketers, who promote your offers real time in the market by going door-to-door, meeting people one-to-one and offering them your privileged cards. Our marketing team is highly motivated for these initiatives and believes in producing sure shot business by passionately working and closing the deals on a daily basis. Though we reach to a smaller number of targeted audiences as compared to the above mentioned ways of promotions, customers made by us are your confirmed customers as they already spend money from their pockets while closing the deal.
Ideas originate at the managerial levels, but we need well experienced marketers to execute the plans on ground level to make ideas happen. We communicate correct information about our business associates to our customers, whether they avail the offer or not. In case if a customer faces an issue with any of our business associates, our experienced marketing team is specially trained to get the issue resolved. Our marketing professionals are well behaved, well mannered and soft spoken.
Marketers associated with us get an opportunity to work with and represent leading brands in the nation. Along with this they get an exposure to various fields like hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, hospitals, malls etc. Our marketing team is constantly been guided by mentors. On successful completion of our training program they get absorbed within ADeezi, thus they have a 100% job guarantee.

We train our marketing executives on following grounds –

  • Communication skills
  • Attitude building
  • Presentation skills
  • Overall personality development
  • Detailed service offerings of our business associates
  • Generating rapid new customer traffic
  • Getting the issues resolved (if any) between our customers and business associates
Along with a handsome fixed salary; we do offer monthly incentives to our work force, which keeps them highly motivated and focused to their work. Apart from monthly incentives, we keep introducing surprise rewards for extraordinary performances. We also do take care of their timely appraisals and well deserved promotions.
Rewards And Recognitions
Initially people join us as a “Trainee”, on successful completion of our training program they get promoted to the post of “Liaison Officer”. A team of 10 liaison officers report to a “Team Leader”. Deserving liaison officers get promoted as team leaders after completing a minimum tenure of 18 months in the organisation. These team leaders report to an “Area Manager”. After successfully completing tenure of at least 40 months as a team leader, deserving candidates are promoted to the post of an Area Manager.

Thus there is a long way to go within the organisation. There are numerous opportunities for you to grab from time to time. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to the career page and send us your detailed resume. Our HR team would get in touch with you.

Face-to-face meetings are how the hard work usually gets done. Sometimes it makes sense to meet face-to-face even if there is more time, cost and inconvenience involved. We don’t let the distance be an excuse for not meeting our clients face-to-face.
  1. Body Language – At times we forget that body language plays a very important role in any communication. It is not just how we say something, but our facial expressions and body posture also play a vital role. This is only possible in a face-to-face meeting.
  2. Ensures Engagement – In a telephonic conversation, the listener might not be totally attentive to what we are speaking. He might be engaged in some other activities simultaneously. However, face-to-face meetings make sure that the listener is totally “in the conversation”.
  3. Clarifies Meaning – Telephonic conversations can at times lead to misunderstandings either due to lack of proper communication or simply because the medium is not conducive to individuals seeking better meaning. It is much easier in a face-to-face meeting for a listener to ask detailed explanation of the topic of their interest. This clarifies the concept and doubles the chance of customer being satisfied.
  4. Drives Participation – Face-to-face meetings drives the participation of the listener into the conversation. In such meetings, the listener cannot sit back and relax.
  5. More Efficient – In face-to-face meetings there is a greater pressure to get to the point as compared to online media.
  6. Counter to the restrictions placed by “Do Not Call” list – Face-to-face meetings are an effective counter to the restrictions placed on referral-based businesses due to the national "Do Not Call" list.
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