We are engaged in the business of promotion, marketing, liaison of high-end hotels in India. We promote and market your hotel in the market base by introducing a PRIVILEGE CARD system.

The following are the key aspects of the services being offered by us -

  1. 100% Self Funding – The promotional activities would be 100% self funded, i.e. there will be no financial implications on the part of your hotel in so far as printing of cards, marketing and promotional campaigns are concerned. Our business associates incur cost only if the promotional activity is successful. They enjoy the benefits of increased business and better capacity utilization while ADeezi bears the cost of implementation.
  2. HNIs – The promotional activity targets exclusively high net worth individuals
  3. Excellent Presentation – We develop a creative marketing presentation specially customized to suit your requirements for every promotional activity.
  4. Marketing Material – We develop marketing materials either using our own resources or in conjunction with your in-house creative team. The brochure would be reviewed by you before finalization.
  5. Sales Team – Sales team assigned to the promotional activity is properly trained on specific details and important features of service offerings provided by you. They are properly educated about; your business, how to promote it and how to present it to the customers.
  6. Exclusive Focus – Sales team assigned to the promotional activity stays focused exclusively on one campaign at a time for the duration of the contract.

Our services also provide you the following added benefits -

  • Know your customer in advance – We provide you the details of the customers who get associated with you, even prior to their visit at your place.
  • Surety of implementation and branding – By marketing your brand with ADeezi, you have a surety that at least a certain number of customers will definitely hear about the promotional activity.
  • Filtered customers – You take efforts to entertain only the filtered customers, who are actually interested in being associated with you. Only those who purchase your privilege cards, or rather only and only those customers who visit you after purchasing your privilege cards.
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