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Welcome To ADeezi

A Complete solution to your Great Experience of staying at a hotel, Amazing Dining Experience, Fabulous Drinking Experience and much more.

Indian Hospitality Industry Overview
Magic of Marketing
Importance of Promotion

Why ADeezi

Business Associates
We have an

Identified Potential Customer Base

"Rome was not built in a day."

We have an existing customer base, which are very fond of visiting tourist places with their friends and family. This customer base is been built by us over a period of years and even today we daily add new customers to our database. All these customers are associated with us due to the trust developed by us over a period of years. It really takes a lot of effort and dedication in finding such people from corners of India by going place-to-place and visiting door-to-door. Our marketing team is highly focused for this task and relentlessly works night and day in search of such potential customers.

This customer base is an interesting opportunity for our new as well as existing business associates. The stronger our experience grows with time, the greater your opportunities will be.

"If opportunity does not knock, build a DOOR."

Our business associates give special importance to our customers as they know that our customer base is a specially chosen audience from public. All our existing customers belong to elite and royal families from different parts of the country. If you get associated with ADeezi, you get a chance to be a part of this respectable community. Your association with ADeezi in itself is a door for various opportunities to knock on!! So, what are you waiting for?

We have

Well Experienced Marketers

"One in the hand is always better than two not so sure in the bush."

Discounted Rates on online travel agencies, Referral Benefits, Loyalty Discounts, Corporate Discounts, Print Ads, TV Ads - There are various ways to offer privileges to the deserving customers, but these ways have few uncertainties like – (a) Number of people who actually come to know about the promotional activity, (b) Number of people who would actually avail these offers after they come to know about it, (c) People who check for deals on these modes of communication, also check the deals of your competitors resulting in the uncertainty of availing the deals provided by you.

How are we different? We have a team of experienced marketers, who promote your offers real time in the market by going door-to-door, meeting people one-to-one and offering them your privileged cards. Our marketing team is highly motivated for these initiatives and believes in producing sure shot business by passionately working and closing the deals on a daily basis. Though we reach to a smaller number of targeted audiences as compared to the above mentioned ways of promotions, customers made by us are your confirmed customers as they already spend money from their pockets while closing the deal.

"It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen."

Our customer base is our biggest asset, and we believe in establishing trustworthy relations with our customers. Ideas originate at the managerial levels, but we need well experienced marketers to execute the plans on ground level to make ideas happen. We communicate correct information about our business associates to our customers, whether they avail the offer or not. In case if a customer faces an issue with any of our business associates, our experienced marketing team is specially trained to get the issue resolved. Our marketing professionals are well behaved, well mannered and soft spoken.

We understand

What You Need - the “thoda aur” factor

"To get customers, you need to go from the HEART to the BRAIN to the WALLET."

Added Business! And there is nothing wrong in it; everyone today is competing for that “thoda aur” factor. But the point is at what cost? Actually “thoda aur business” at the cost of attractive deals and discounts is a great idea.

This “thoda aur business” is generated by following the 4 golden rules –

  1. making your existing customers visit you more frequently
  2. making new customers to visit you for the first time
  3. converting the customers from rule no. (2) to happy and satisfied customers so that they may spread a word of mouth about you and your brand to their friends and family, which will in return give you another new customers, i.e. yet another chance to add your repeat customers
  4. applying rule no. (1) to happy and satisfied customers from rule no. (3)
We understand this “thoda aur” factor inside you, and are totally devoted to bring this “thoda aur” in your kitty.
"Benefit in an offer or promotion is not what you offer, it is what the customers avail themselves of it."

Extra Discount! Again there is nothing wrong in it, every customer today expects “thoda aur discount”, “thodi aur facilities”, “thoda aur fun”, “thoda aur excitement” and “thoda aur entertainment”.

At the same time we also understand that all the above mentioned expectations cannot be compromised for excellent hospitality, everything comes after it.

We understand this “thoda aur” factor inside you, and are totally devoted to bring this “thoda aur” in your kitty, without compromising in the quality of services being delivered to you.

We know

Presentation Matters

"Sometimes it’s not what you say that matters. It’s what you don’t say."

We don’t just promote an offer when we visit a customer; in fact we promote a brand. While promoting a brand in a one on one meet with a customer, presentation really matters!! from the quality of the print material to the attire of the marketing professionals, from your facial expressions to your body posture, from the first handshake to the smile on face throughout the conversation. That is what differentiates us from any other company providing discount offers online.

"Simplicity is the ultimate SOPHISTICATION."

Presentations does matter for elite customers, during their visit to our business associate’s place or even prior to it, while they plan their travel. A discount in a rude tone or a discount bargained at the reception desk is not their cup of tea. They appreciate an association with a brand that offers privileges to loyal and important customers. We believe in providing these deals and discounts to our valuable customers at their doorsteps, avoiding discounting conversations on the reception desk of our business associates and over the phone.

We act as a

Potential Bridge

"It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

Every customer carries an independent mindset about the cost of the services being offered by our business associates, and rates it on a scale of (Economic to Expensive) on individual basis. Our observation in these regards says that after knowing the offers of our business associates, they tend to change the ratings in their mind towards Economic. They seem more than happy to avail the offers and enjoy those services with their friends and family. Thus we bridge the gap between our business associate’s actual offerings and the real time customer’s needs.

"You will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a MEMORY."

Few Facts: Everyone needs a break! Everyone needs a vacation! These vacations become more cheerful when accompanied by friends and family. Every single person wishes to gift his family the best vacation that suits his pocket. We bring to you lots and lots of offers and lucrative deals from across India that suits your pocket, and can turn your vacation to a really memorable one. Thus we bridge the gap between our business associate’s actual offerings and the real time customer’s needs.

We believe in

Long Term Association

"You don’t close a sale; you open a relationship, if you want to build a long term successful enterprise."

We always believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our business associates. We understand its importance, and value it above our personal ambitions. We don’t tie-up with our business associates to make some money in the beginning, turn our back, and never call them again! No, that’s strictly not our way of working.

In fact we believe in Mr. Ford’s philosophy of –

Marking a “BEGINNING” by coming together,
Making “PROGRESS” by keeping together,
Achieving “SUCCESS” by constantly working together!!

We look forward to provide renewal services to our business associates, year on year. Once a promotional activity is successfully executed, we sit with our business associates and discuss the pros & cons of the executed promotional activity and relaunch a new promotional campaign which is bigger and better than the previous.

"Make a customer, not a sale."

We always believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our customers. We understand its importance, and value it above our personal ambitions. When we make a new customer, we make him ours for life. Our association with him do not last for a deal or two, in fact when he becomes a part of this respectable community, he enjoys these benefits lifelong in terms of various privileges being offered to him.

We don’t believe in cheating, misguiding and making false commitments to our customers, as we know the pain of losing customers. We always try to maximize the benefits offered to our customers, which brings a big smile on their lovely faces. We aim at making our customers, our repeat customers.

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